Due to current Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 the information about meet ups, groups and activities listed on this website may not be accurate.

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone add an activity or group to the map?

Yes! Complete the online form.

I have a question about a specific activity - who do I contact?

Interested in attending an activity or want to find out more? Great! Please contact the organiser of the group / activity or the venue where the activity is held directly.

Bright Map shows regular groups and activities in your local area. However, we do not organise or run any of the activities listed and therefore cannot provide any more information than what is listed on our website.

Can I suggest a correction or amendment for a group or activity?

Yes, please do! Contact us via the online form. If you originally added the activity or group, you should have login details and can make amendments yourself by logging in. Changes may take 24 hours to show live on the website.

Our group has multiple locations, can you import an existing list?

Absolutely.  We partner with a number of organisations and websites to provide live feeds of data onto Bright Map. This means you don’t need to add your activities manually and you can continue to keep your data in one place in your existing system – we just make it visible on Bright Map through an automated feed. If you’re interested in discussing this please contact us using the form.

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