Contemporary Dance Age 16+

Energising sessions at an open level for all abilities in contemporary dance technique. Classes include exercises and sequences to develop physical awareness, movement flow, co-ordination, mobility, movement memory and broaden technical skill.

What techniques are taught in this class? Cunningham, Release amongst other influences.

What skills are developed/improved? You will learn to move confidently around the space and become more aware of your physicality. You will learn exercises to help improveco-ordination, agility, balance, core strength, movement memory, flow and movement dynamics.

How is a class structured/what do we do in a class? Class starts with a warm up, exercises to improve mobility/articulation of the spine, feet, legs. Floor work. More energetic and longer sequences to learn about movement flow and dynamics. Travelling steps, turns and jumps. Warm down.

Why would I come to this class? Because you want to learn about contemporary dance in a safe and friendly environment with other like minded people.

What level is this class - beginner, improver, intermediate or advanced? All welcome - movement adapted to suit all levels.

What should I wear to the class? Leggings or track suit bottoms, T-shirt/vest. Bare feet. No jewellery that will catch.

BOOK IT - £118.50 for the full 12-week term

TRY IT - £10 for a taster session

Call 01603 283382 to book. Payment will be taken at time of booking.


19/09/2019 - 12/12/2019