Fitness Yoga Class

Yoga and pilates combined to provide full body toning, strengthening and stretching. All moves have modifications so that you can work to your own level, with the opportunity to challenge yourself or take it easier, its all about working with your body and finding out what you can do!
Class is led by an experienced, qualified teacher, I want yoga to be something you enjoy not endure, so I keep it friendly and relaxed.
It is suitable for all ages, men and women, beginners and people with exercise experience - the only thing to keep in mind when deciding if this class is right for you is that it will incorporate both standing movements and matwork, so you need to be able to move between standing, sitting and laying down positions fairly easily.
Both yoga and pilates have numerous health benefits, including promoting movement and awareness, strong body and muscle toning, relief for joint and back stiffness, better circulation and metabolism which can help promote weight loss.


18/04/2019 - 11/07/2019


Bignold Road, Norwich, NR32QZ