Pilates with Jo Norton or Claire Gurney at Aylsham Community Gym, Aylsham

Aylsham Community Gym is the friendly, supportive, safe way to improve health and fitness, in your own community. Set your own goals with a structured programme, tailor made for you by a qualified personal trainer. Group classes are also available and included in membership fee.

As well as keeping us fit and happy, the Gym has a serious aim to help us all reduce the occurrence, and alleviate symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, weight problems, high blood pressure and many other problems we have to deal with in our modern world.

We all find as we get older that slips and trips can become more dangerous and frightening as our flexibility, balance, coordination and strength deteriorates. Keeping active and supple and paying attention to the muscle groups we tend to neglect will help!


22/10/2018 - 22/04/2019
Mondays 6-7pm


Aylsham Community Gym
Aylsham, NR116BX